We posted our first Virtual Tour to Realtor.com back in May of 2002. We have since produced virtual tours on over $3 Billion worth of real estate.

My name is Victor Schultz and It all started in Florida when I founded Jax Virtual Tours where we were quickly known as the “high quality” tour provider.

The one thing we always included in every tour was an “Aerial Perspective”. In the days before drones it was a long pole with a camera mounted on top. Just that 20-30 extra feet of elevation made a huge difference. The view from above was so stunning that our work consistently graced the cover of high end real estate magazines. Now drones have given us a camera that floats anywhere from 4 to 400 ft above the property. We still provide High-Res Aerial Photos today at no extra charge as it is almost always the “Head Turning” image buyers will see first! The Aerial Video Footage has even greater effect. Make sure you provide your clients with the absolute best solution to market their home.

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